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The Next Generation Of The MYSTC Trucking Software Will Launch July 1, 2019

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James Caperton
Member Sales & Technological Product Sales
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The Next Generation Of The MYSTC Trucking Software Will Launch July 1, 2019

NASTCs annual conference is always filled with exciting updates on industry news, membership benefits and new program releases. This year is no different for MYSTC Software. Two years ago, we announced we were planning to rebuild MYSTC Software from the ground up. Last year we shared screen shots and revealed information on the features that would be included in the new system. This year, after a lot of blood sweat and tears, NASTC will be launching our new MYSTC Software.

Our existing MYSTC users will get the opportunity to sit through a presentation on Thursday, where we contrast the differences between the legacy version of MYSTC and the new program. Features that our current customers loved have been updated and enhanced in the new program. This will give those customers an opportunity to ask a lot of questions and see the program firsthand. Mobile apps were not available with the legacy version and are included with the new program, so we will spend a lot of time discussing how that will affect and improve their processes. Customers will have the opportunity to give recommendations on features they would like to see added.

On Friday we will be giving a presentation on the benefits of using MYSTC Software. This will give members the opportunity to get a first look at the program in a live demo setting. We will go in depth into how MYSTC can improve billing, payroll, routing, fuel taxes, document storage, communication and overall efficiency. As previously mentioned, we will go over the new mobile apps that accompany MYSTC Software both for drivers and office personnel. Missy Parsons, our QuickBooks Pro Advisor, will also be in attendance to discuss the integration with QuickBooks.

We will also be offering a special offer exclusively to any company who signs up for the new system at the conference. Also, as a part of the promotion of MYSTCs relaunch we will have a photo booth at the regular MYSTC booth to help us capture the moment. We cannot wait to see you there!

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