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The New Year Is The Best Time For New Software

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James Caperton
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The New Year Is The Best Time For New Software

The holiday season has arrived as we near the end of 2019. This is probably the most important time of the year for a trucking company. Finishing the year strong is what most carriers hope for but also this time allows you to prepare for the year to come. What are your goals for 2020? Do you plan to expand your customer base, add trucks, bring on owner-operators, change the lanes you haul etc.? This is a logical time to examine the processes you use to manage your business as well. Can you be more efficient? Is there room for improvement or organization within the office? If the answer to this question is yes then I would argue this is the best time of the year to commit to using a dispatch software program, specifically the new MYSTC Software. Let’s look at some of the areas MYSTC Software can help your company.

Once a carrier agrees to a load, they typically jot that information down somewhere. It could be on a white board, excel spreadsheet or a notebook. Using MYSTC you would enter that information one time and would be able to complete billing, payroll, IFTA tracking, dispatching and routing.

The first time you enter the load MYSTC will be able to bill the customer with that info. If you use QuickBooks then the info will sync over after the invoice is created in MYSTC. If your drivers are using MYSTCs brand new driver app they will get the load info sent to them immediately which eliminates the necessity to call the driver with their load info.

Payroll is one of the most crucial aspects of running a small trucking company. It is important to get it right and on time every week. This process specifically can be frustrating because the person who is doing payroll is often not the person who booked the load and dispatched the driver. The beauty of MYSTC Software is it will also know exactly what that driver or owner operator is to be paid, therefore payroll is as simple as selecting the specific loads for which you're wanting to pay the driver.

Another painstaking task for every trucking company is the quarterly fuel tax filing. If you are using MYSTC Software this process is made easy. Each load tracks the mileage by state along with tracking the fuel usage and MPG for each truck. With this info fuel taxes should be significantly easier to calculate and eliminates the fumbling through hundreds of trip sheets.

In conclusion if you are looking for ways to improve your company for 2020 I would encourage you to move now. Being prepared to utilize a program like MYSTC is crucial. Give your company the proper amount of time to train and prepare by calling and setting up a demo today.

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