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The Next Generation of MYSTC Software Has Arrived

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James Caperton
Member Sales & Technological Product Sales
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The Next Generation of MYSTC Software Has Arrived

The 2018 NASTC Conference served as the catalyst for NAStek National to share a glimpse of what we have in store for MYSTC Software. Fifteen years after it was first introduced to the membership, existing users were given an exclusive first-look Thursday afternoon of the completely new software that has been in development for over a year. NASTC members not already on our product were exposed to what we’ve been working on in Friday’s breakout session. Anyone wanting more details on MYSTC or wanting to sign up for the initial beta test stopped by our booth at the vendor showcase later that afternoon. Below are some highlights of what was unveiled last month in Nashville:

• Load Entry - Your time is valuable. We have designed the load entry screen to be quick and seamless. Our “Quick Load Entry” allows the user to input information they specifically find beneficial for logging their loads. All of the information is easily viewable on the screen and allows for easy adding and editing to any aspect of the load. All of your customers, drivers, and trucks are available to re-use in simple drop down boxes. One of the most time-consuming pieces of dispatch software has been greatly improved with MYSTC.

• Routing - Users will be able to view the route for each load, easily viewing all of the pick-up and drop-off points along the way on a map. With this redesigned routing screen, any stops or additional pick-up and drop-off locations will be able to easily be added and the route visually altered. Also available on this screen are options to change the routing engine or view the shortest possible distance. If a driver ran a route different than the system generated one, simply adding a stop or two can drastically alter the route and retrieve a more accurate mileage calculation.

• Load Summary - The load summary screen reveals the big picture of what is going on for each load. View the total mileage, total revenue, drivers assigned to the load, associated documents, and visuals for the route and a graph of the revenue per mile by truck. Any notes that have been added to the load will also appear on this screen, whether it be general notes about the load or regarding a specific stop along the route.

• Reports - For trucking company owners, the ability to easily access information about your fleet in all aspects is critical to success. MYSTC’s versatile reports will be a vital tool to help with this, and the associated graphs will allow you to view your fleet’s information like never before. Mileage and revenue reports are already created that allow for the user to view a summarized version or a load-by-load view, with many more to come in the future.

• Driver Mobile App - Completely new to MYSTC is the addition of the mobile app. Drivers will be able to suggest a status change to their assigned load, and scan documents to their load for invoicing. Drivers will also have access to view their own driver settlements. If drivers have enabled GPS for the app, their location will also be monitored so it can be viewed on the website. Finally, the app acts as an advanced load report that allows the driver to view their load’s pickup and drop-off points, what route is suggested, and the ability to view loadspecific notes.

• Admin Mobile App - The mobile app is not just limited to drivers, however. Dispatchers and owners will be able to create loads directly from the app, create settlements, view invoices and eventually two-way message their drivers. Notifications reign in the world of mobile applications, and the MYSTC app has been specifically designed to take advantage of this capability. You will be up-to-date on all aspects of your company, with notification options planned for whenever a load’s status is changed, as well as whenever a driver settlement or invoice is completed. Our plan was to make your fleet’s loads and information easily available on the go, and we believe we have done just that with the MYSTC Mobile App.


This is only the beginning for this completely revamped software. We plan to continually update the software with new features throughout 2019. Already in development, and scheduled to arrive in the first quarter of next year, are the following features:

• Fuel Card Integration - Currently using a fuel card from Fleetone, ComData, or Wex? All fuel purchases from these fuel card companies can be integrated into your account to run reports or implement into your driver’s advances for a load.

• Quickbooks Integration - While the new features of entering general and load specific expenses will be available at launch, soon they will be able to transfer over to Quickbooks to view along with your other financials.

• Import Feature - Whether you are on the current version of MYSTC, are coming from another software, or want to mass upload your loads from customers in bulk, we wanted to give users the option to import information via spreadsheets. This will allow for easily transferring to MYSTC from your old dispatching software, and will also allow you to save time with load entry if it is already prepared in excel spreadsheets from customers.

• Two way messaging between dispatchers and drivers - Communication is critical to success as a company owner, and our mobile app opens up the possibilities of the much desired need to allow drivers and dispatchers to easily message each other to keep up-to-date on the latest for their loads. Our offer from the NASTC Conference still stands - We are in the process of beginning a beta testing phase for small fleets in early 2019, and soon plan on scaling up to allow fleets of all sizes to join. User input is critical in the early phases of a software release, so we are looking for feedback to continue to grow and shape the features that will be added.

Please contact James Caperton today at (800) 331-2802 or james.caperton@ to get a demo and be one of the first to sign up on the brand new MYSTC software.

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